Procedures and Policies for Maintaining and utilizing Physical, Academic and Support Facilities

Laboratory, Library, Sports Complex, Computers, Class rooms etc.

JCT College of Engineering and Technology has a well established procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities such as Laboratory equipment, library facilities, computers, class rooms, sports complex etc.,

An Estate maintenance department headed by an Estate officer is responsible for the entire maintenance activity of the college. The maintenance works in the college are grouped into the following categories:

  1. Civil Maintenance
  2. Water supply
  3. Electrical Maintenance
  4. House Keeping and Sanitation
  5. Computer Maintenance
  6. General & Mechanical maintenance

The above maintenance teams comprise of a set of skilled and unskilled personnel who are responsible to attend to any minor or major maintenance issues. Some of the maintenance work carried out in-house are as follows.

  • Civil maintenance department looks after all the construction and maintenance works in the campus.
  • The institution has efficient housekeeping system consisting of gardeners, sweepers and scavengers. The entire system is monitored by housekeeping supervisors who are specifically appointed for this purpose.
  • Gardeners are employed to ensure an ambient look to the college by maintaining the lawns and trees.
  • Class rooms, office rooms and corridors are regularly swept and mopped. Once in a week, the furniture and roofs are cleaned.
  • Power supply, Generators and Electrical repairs are carried out by the electricians to enable the campus with uninterrupted electric power.
  • In order to ensure proper water supply to the college, hostels, canteen and laboratories, plumbing repairs are rectified by the water supply maintenance team at any instant throughout the campus.
  • Any emergency like medical and fire are handled with proper care to enable a safer working environment.
  • All machineries in the laboratories are maintained either by trained staff in the department or by the supplier / service agents of the machines.
  • All Mechanical / Electronic / Electrical equipment in the laboratories are maintained to prevent breakdowns through scheduled preventive maintenance.
  • Wherever required, the equipment are covered under AMC.
  • Any breakdowns of machines and equipment are attended to with less time delay by the competent professionals or the manufacturer.

Calibration and other precision measures for the equipment / instruments

  • Yearly maintenance and repair of the infrastructure is taken care of by the college systematically.
  • The institution calibrates and services the laboratory instruments and measuring equipment with the help of suppliers.
  • The calibration of equipment/instruments is done in line with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Maintenance of sensitive equipment

  • The institution has installed UPS and Stabilizers to prevent sensitive equipment from voltage fluctuations.
  • Constant power supply throughout the campus is enabled with the use of generators, UPS and inverters to enable a regular working environment.
  • Electric and Electronic Gadgets are maintained in proper environment to avoid any electrical accidents.
  • Voltage Fluctuations, Constant Supply Of Water.
  • All the computer laboratories are provided with UPS connectivity to protect the hardware and the software from power related failures.
  • Other laboratories are integrated with circuit breakers in each point to avoid major failure.

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