Grievances Cell

Name of the cell / Committee : Grievances Redressal
Core Activity: To Redress the Grievances and Complaints of the students
convener: Mr.L.Arockia Sahaya Doss ( O.S)
Members: Mr.N.Satish babu (HOD /CE)
  Mr.B.Sarguru ( HOD/MECH)
  Mr.S.Prasath (HOD/PCE)
  Mr.T.Maniprakash (HOD/S&H)
Periodicity of the meeting: Once in three months  or as and when required

Roles and Responsibilities :-

  • To accepts the genuine Grievances from the students and suggest remedial measures to solve within a reasonable period of time.
  • The Grievance Redressal committee of the college shall monitor the status and shall furnish report on the redressal position to the Principal once in a Three months or as and when required.
  • The Committee ensures effective solution to all concerned with a fair approach.

It also encourages the students to express their grievances freely and frankly without any fear of being victimized